Juan María Nin Génova graduated in Law and Economics from the University of Deusto and obtained a master’s in Law and Political Sciences from the London School of Economics. He has first-hand knowledge of the world of business management, finance, energy and international economic policy.
Since joining the Spanish ministry team that negotiated the accession of Spain to the European Community (1978-1980), he has been a staunch supporter of the European project. He is also one of the foremost advocates of the advantages of the free trade agreement between the US and the EU (the TTIP) and, as former Chairman of the US-Spain Council Foundation, is an expert in bilateral relations between those countries.
His career path has focused on the banking industry. He was an architect of one of the most important bank merger processes in Spain. During the restructuring of the Spanish financial system, he led many mergers and acquisitions of organizations as well as the complex transformation of a savings bank into one of the leading financial institutions in the country’s banking industry.
He is skilled at analyzing the complexity of international relations, economics and politics, and is also a renowned expert in banking, business transformation processes and European politics.

“Forward player for a new global context”

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